Reason You Should Opt For Ceramic Dental Implants

For about past 50 years, dental implants have been quite helpful in returning natural smiles and complete dental functions. The major reason these implants are helpful is that these implants are fused to the jawbone and then are covered with the crowns for aesthetics and functionality. Dental implants don’t only give the bite force back but they also improve speed and give the patients their lost self-esteem back. According to research, dental implant recipients aged between 65 to 70 years have expressed happiness due to the positive change in lifestyle caused by dental implants.

Nevertheless, there are quite number of drawbacks associated with the titanium based dental implants. The first of all is that titanium dental implants are made of metal. This metal composition in implant is serious problem for 10 to 20 percent of people with nickel allergies. Furthermore, introduction of metal to human body can result in certain deficiencies such as autoimmune disorders, free radical damage, galvanic toxicity, bone loss and rejection of dental implant. And the bad news here is that these drawbacks are not just for the people who have metal allergies. Individuals with no metal allergies can also get caught by these disorders.

Prior to 2000s, the patients would receive dental implants consisting of both root and abutments made of titanium.

Now, good news is that dentists are using ceramic dental implants from past 20 years. The benefit of ceramic dental implant is that it is completely metal-free and it is free of every drawback the titanium has potential to deliver. Lack of corrosion, compatibility, stability and strength are the main features which make ceramic dental implants an excellent choice for teeth restoration.

There are two types of dental implants, i.e. Zirconia and ZERAMEX®. While the specific properties of both may differ, the quality in general is quite impressive as compared to the titanium implants. Ceramic dental implants come in one piece, i.e. root and abutment combined. Due to this single structure, the dental implant resists to be the home of bacteria. Hence, the health of bone can get improved if you get these ceramic implants.

Dental implants have the main ingredient known as zirconium dioxide. This ingredient is quite good at improving blood circulation, hence keeping the gum health intact. Moreover, these implants have anti-inflammatory characteristics. This is due to the fact that ceramic implants are biocompatible and conduction-free, unlike titanium based dental implants.

Another feature of ceramic dental implants is that they are far superior in improving aesthetics apart from being holistically safer. When you get titanium based dental implant, the little amount of gum recession can result in the display of titanium screws. On the other hand, ceramic implant is has tooth-like structure. It means it is going to remain like natural tooth for a long time.

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